sam mason · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
Brilliant..... Great writing, fantastic performances, executed marvelously in a chainsaw kitty catchy tune kinda way. Hilarious and witty, tons of horror refrences, and abundant laughter.... This show show should be on Broadway...... full review


bahareh ebrahimzadeh · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
Fantastic one-woman show! I felt so drawn into this world, the story, the idea of this woman's story and her place in this society. I loved the connection to our current world and how it was obviously connected but not a blatant connection. ... full review


caroline degrave · June 13, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Excellent performances from the cast. The storyline was witty and fun. Very well done!... full review

Loose Underwear

michele gossett · June 13, 2019 uncertified reviewer
The show was a powerful emotional journey that made me laugh and cry. Her performance draws upon the memories of a Jewish family escaping Communist Czechoslovakia, an child immigrant trying to fit in and a young woman finding love and Artistic freedom in America. It was a fascinating and compelling experience! ... full review

SexualMisadventuresOfAStraightWhiteMale: APrivilegeStory

montana cypress · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
This show was a one of a kind experience. Not only a triathlon in acting and movement, it was filled with humor and messages that seep into your consciousness long after the lights go down. Not afraid to raise the mirror to his own maladies, the character brought a fresh perspective to the flaws and beliefs that we have been accustomed to in our society which inevitably led to thought provoking hints and why things are the way they are. Allowing no room for a breather, this show seamlessly grabs ... full review

She Kills Monsters

nathaniel beaver · June 13, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Lots of fun! Well done with the casting, lighting, costumes, and characters. ... full review

Saving Cain

david macdowell blue · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
What this show, written by Aaron Kozak, offers proves very compelling indeed. No less important, it surprises. Saving Cain was described to me as the story of a rebellious teenager trying to deal with his born-again Pentecostal control-freak of a mother. I expected one of two things: Either a dark comedy or a polemic against a certain brand (at least) of Fundamentalist Christianity. Maybe both. I got something a lot better. The pair of mother (Leah Verrill) and son (Lenny Hernandez) play... full review

One Hump Heart

s. luke · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
Uproariously funny and surprisingly poignant! Rob Zaleski -- actor, singer, composer -- has written a script about self-love that is somehow both hilarious and genuinely thought-provoking. The writing is self-aware, the performance is gleefully bawdy, and the songs are a RIOT. You will leave knowing how (and why) to Turn Your Life Around. Only suggestion: get a bigger venue. We are coming back and we are bringing more people. And I can't promise we won't be be singing along!... full review

Olivia Wilde Does Not Survive the Apocalypse

benjamin schwartz · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
A crowd-pleasing, high-concept satire drenched in current pop-culture references. Matthew Robinson tackles the postmodern comedy genre with familiar devices and tones while dodging the trite and expected. Robby Devillez earns a gold star for keeping the action flowing and the actors engaged and moving onstage. ... full review


christine deitner · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
It's been a challenge to know exactly where to begin with any kind of description of Orgasmico Theatre Company's premiere of "The Death of Sam Mobean".  This failure to verbally launch isn't due to anything that might be considered subjectively wrong with the work.  Quite the opposite - it is in fact caused by this being the smartest, most fiercely enacted, most engaging and mysterious piece seen thus far by these eyes at Hollywood Fringe Festival and the journey of discovery offered here is one ... full review

REVENGE OF THE ROOTBEER: The Sequel To Night Of The Rootbeer

thea rivera · June 13, 2019 uncertified reviewer
I've never done hard drugs before, but I'm pretty sure it would go something like this. ... full review


david macdowell blue · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
Aging seems mundane as dramas go, especially among those who lead otherwise good lives. Making such entertaining and genuinely moving presents something of a challenge, one met by Peter Massey in Out of the Blue with a deceptively easy skill. Part of the charm of this show is the performer, who combines several qualities that watching and listening to him pleasurable. Massey has an expressive voice, a limber and expressive form, and clearly understands precisely what he's saying (this is a s... full review

mandy picks a husband

anonymous · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
Amanda opens her heart and fearlessly shares her personal journey to find true love with wit, charm, and vulnerability for an engrossing 60-minutes. It's a tour-de-force performance and a must-see show that balances laughter, song, and heartache perfectly.... full review


marilyn mineo · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
A delight for the senses! From the moment the lights go down we are whisked away to this playground where these colorful characters tantalize us to play along. Dean Evans masterfully directs this wildly talented troupe. Absurd, abstract, with the right amount of hysteria and brightness. Exciting to see Buffon in LA. A show not to be missed!... full review

An Excuse To Behave Badly

elizabeth conway · June 13, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Absolutely loved it. What a spot-on, fun slice of life, highlighting a situation I've found myself in far too many times. I loved that the show was able to be simultaneously hilarious, with a couple of too-real moments questioning each of the girls' existential crises, and every member of the cast had a moment to shine. The cast were all so talented, and in between cracking up (and breaking a sweat at the thought of a dead phone after midnight on Halloween!!!), I really appreciated the poignant m... full review

The Circle Table

brett moore · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
This is a great interconnected web that reminds me a little of a story like "Love Actually" in the way that so many stories intersect and entwine with one another, particularly as the show ends. Thorough, well-acted, and cleverly staged and choreographed, "The Circle Table" really highlights the ways we communicate and the impact on our relationships in the age of smartphones, Facebook, and Lyft... and even while evaluating that, makes you care so much more about the characters and their stories.... full review

REVENGE OF THE ROOTBEER: The Sequel To Night Of The Rootbeer

erik blair · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
This play must be destroyed. No copy of it can be allowed to remain. Those who performed in the preview must be washed clean of their sins, at whatever cost to the rest of our morality. The theatre must be burned to the ground, its ashes spread to the far ends of the world, and no mention of this play must ever be made again. I will be picketing outside its front doors after I see it again.... full review

I'm Jennifer Mother F*cking Lawrence

lee sargent · June 13, 2019 uncertified reviewer
A very fast paced, well acted, and downright funny production. If you're looking for lighthearted laughs in regards to the lives of A-listers, look no further. Christy Lee Hughes and Alice Winslow have fantastic chemistry with impeccable timing. ... full review

The mAsHeR

amy argyle · June 13, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Very well acted! Loved the concept and all the different social points they were able to fit into the show in a way that worked!! ... full review


branden turner · June 13, 2019 certified reviewer
Great play, emotional rollercoaster!... full review