vanessa vazquez · June 12, 2019 uncertified reviewer
I absolutely LOVED IT. It was revolutionary, grotesque, beautiful, and mostly... hilarious. These french medieval Buffon clowns are NOTHING the fringe has ever seen before, this coming from an LA native who's seen just about everything. I'm always looking for something completely fresh. I took my non-theatre going boyfriend, a regular Joe who works a 9-5 to Mil Grus ( I know, an ambitious beginning...) and he though it was simply fantastic. We laughed our asses off. It was gorgeous and also so de... full review

Jessie's Messy Mind

gregory crafts · June 12, 2019 uncertified reviewer
A heartfelt, sincere, and unflinchingly honest look inside a very messy mind that's chock-full of music, struggle, personality, and joie de vivre. ... full review

Very Good Actor: An Acting Seminar

edith mudge · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
this is the greatest thing... full review

Sorry About My Friend

spencer frankeberger · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Presented as a slice of life, it's a different take on the usual Fringe fare, which is refreshing. It's relatable, enjoyable, and pulls at the heartstrings in all the right ways.... full review


spencer frankeberger · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
The scale of this production is high caliber. From the costumes to the set to the technical elements (sound, lighting), the show really has something special to it.... full review

Ask A Black Woman

crystal bush · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Is a strong and powerful commentary on life in America. As we live and strive in this ever changing world of technology, great advancements in science, and the very colorful world of cultural diversity, how are we as a society allowing this thing of disregard, insulting and marginalizing people of African decent in this country. It is profound. Shanara, tells a sceniro of a woman getting upset and calling her a very negative derogatory name, how is this even possible in this day and time tha... full review

Pit of Goblins

spencer frankeberger · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
This show is so freaking weird, and it's super funny and creepy and still funny.... full review

One Hump Heart

anonymous · June 12, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Hilarious and remarkably brave. These days it often feels like comedy is only meant for snark or mockery -- this show reminded me that laughter can also be an amazing vehicle for truth and honesty. The show was riotously funny, the music was professional and clever, and the message was sincere and sincerely needed.... full review

Klingon Tamburlaine

david macdowell blue · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
f a Klingon Theatre troupe were to start performing classical works from Earth literature, then Christopher Marlowe's Tammerlane makes for an excellent choice! Hence School of Night (a very good production company) decided to go with this idea! And it works! Make no mistake! Klingon Tamburlaine tells the story of one of the most notoriously cruel (and successful) warlords in history. Putting everyone in Klingon gear, changing a few names here and here, adopting the stereotypical stance of ... full review


spencer frankeberger · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
The energy of the cast and the meaning behind the show is what makes this musical so exhilarating and so wonderful. I left with a smile on my face because the energy is infectious.... full review

Under the Table and Dreaming

phoenix mendoza · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
It was well paced, funny, well acted, and moving! I didn't expect to be so emotional but I cried several times. It was wonderful and so sweet and the type of queer narrative I wish there was more of. ... full review

Cupid and The End of Love

spencer frankeberger · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Overall an intriguing concept with some very strong performances from the two leads with moments of strong, sharp dialogue and other moments of endearing awkwardness in a pseudo-sexy way (I guess that's how I describe it...haha). But most importantly, adorable. If I left describing this show in one word, it would be ADORABLE.... full review

Supportive White Parents

spencer frankeberger · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Cute, fun, quick-witted, and packs a punch in only 30 minutes.... full review

Sex With Strangers

mike reyes · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Playwrite/Producer Laura Eason(House of Cards) hit drama Sex with Strangers premiered initially in 2011 at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater, after successful runs, off-Broadway this intellectually stimulating production returns to the west coast for the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival. The play chronicles the relationship both professional and romantic between Olivia(Melissa Center). A talented but burnt-out author in her late thirties who stopped writing for anyone but herself after her first n... full review

Raised By Wolves

spencer frankeberger · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Fun, cute, and heartwarming. Marla has such a likable personality that you can't help but fall in love with what's she's talking about.... full review

The mAsHeR

spencer frankeberger · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
I hope this finds a full-length run outside of Fringe because I think there is so much more to explore with this show without a time constraint or Fringe "rules." The characters are developed, and are all very likable, and I want to dive into their stories even more. It must be a good thing that I want more, heh.... full review


glen montgomery · June 12, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Really enjoyable and quick moving play. A lot of twists and turns that I was lucky to experience because I hadn't read much on what it was going to be about. ... full review

Let’s Write a Musical

alfred doering · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Warm, energetic, funny, professional, engaging, heartfelt. This musical captures a decidedly tragic event in a delightful, sensitive manner with enthusiastic acting, wonderful music and great direction for very talented young actors. Bravo!... full review

She Kills Monsters

lenny hernandez · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
I was lucky enough to attend the Preview and I was pleasantly pleased that this show was my 1st watched Fringe show of the festival. Vivi Thai and the Dungeon Master navigate this play so well. They are both so charming and Vivi is just so heartfelt & grounded. This show was an absolute joy to watch. ... full review

Love, Madness, and Somewhere in Between

david macdowell blue · June 12, 2019 certified reviewer
On the one hand, Love, Madness and Somewhere In Between deals with a subject of great power. James J. Cox explores a life which for big chunks of it counts as a train wreck--one in which he proved a fundamental victim trying his best (often very badly) to deal with a series of childhood traumas. He dives into a bottle of Jack Daniels for decades, struggling out of it at times only to fall back when confronted by yet another trauma (because life always hurts--otherwise how could it also feel goo... full review